Elite interactive Panaboard

77" Interactive Whiteboard

The UB-T880 Panaboard is an advanced educational and presentation tool that lets you grabs the audience’s attention and keeps it. By connecting a PC and projector, you can bring the enormous amount of information available online, or any information on your PC, right into your classroom.

Multi-user access brings students together

The powerful software gives users access to an interactive keyboard, up to 10 work pages, a zoom facility, text recognition functions and many more clever features that make the learning process much more interesting.

A durable board packed with powerful features

A long-life surface with minimal reflection means extra durability and reduced glare. The board is delivered with a Multi-Functional Electronic Pen, which integrates a choice of four different colours, an eraser and a remote control for operating PowerPoint slides all in one tool.

Lesson planning just became a breeze

With Easiteach software, the UB-T880 takes advantage of a vast database of over 4,700 illustrations and 70 videos, which teachers will be able pick from when creating their own lessons.

The Power of Design
The Power of Design
Our durable, hard surface and robust construction has created an interactive whiteboard that is built to last - yet another reason why Panasonic has a reputation for reliability.
The Power of Innovation
The Power of Innovation
The interactive pen allows you to change colour, select the highlighter or erase with one simple twist. Every board also comes with RM Easiteach Next Generation software.
The Power of Touch
The Power of Touch
Our revolutionary multi-touch sensors remove all the artificial barriers by allowing three people to work simultaneously on any section of the board, using a combination of interactive pen or the touch of a finger.
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